East Village Building Blocks

109 East 7th Street | Block : 435 | Lot #48

  • Building Date : 1899-1901
  • Original Use : Institutional
  • Original Owner : St. Stanislaus B. &M. Church
  • Original Architect : Arthur Arctander Co.

Description & Building Alterations

This three-story with basement row house was originally built in 1899-1901 by St. Stanislaus B. & M. Church, designed by the church’s architect Arthur Arctander. The house was first used as a rectory and residence for priests serving the congregation and was later converted as a convent for the Felician Sisters who taught at the school associated with the church.

The building features elaborate iron cornice with brackets and frieze, large molded window lintels and footed sills. The original entrance was lowered to basement and reconfigured.

Block : 435 / Lot : 048 / Building Date : 1899-1901 / Original Owner : St. Stanislaus B. &M. Church / Original Use : Institutional / Original Architect : Arthur Arctander Co.

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