East Village Building Blocks

10-60 Avenue D; 484-500 East Houston Street | Block : 356 | Lot #1

  • Building Date : 1950
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : New York City Housing Authority
  • Original Architect : F.L. Ackerman & L.A. Goldstone

Description & Building Alterations

This lot is the site of the Lillian Wald Houses, a public housing complex comprising 16 housing towers and a heating plant.  Each tower has a plain brick façade. Type A is fourteen stories and 110,937 SF. Type B is fourteen stories, Type C is thirteen stories, and Type CX is eleven stories with a cellar. The complex is named for Lillian Wald, who originated the National Organization of Public Health Nurses as well as the Henry Street Nurses Settlement on the Lower East Side. Prior to the construction of this complex, 2,615 people lived in 790 apartments, all of which had heat, hot water, and electricity, and most of which had indoor toilets.

Addresses included in this lot are: 382 East 3rd Street; 383 East 3rd Street; 384 East 3rd Street; 386 East 3rd Street; 387 East 3rd Street; 388 East 3rd Street; 856 East 6th Street; 880 East 6th Street; 920 East 6th Street; 691 FDR Drive; 709 FDR Drive; 711 FDR Drive; 725 FDR Drive; 930 East 4th Walk; 950 East 4th Walk; 10 Avenue D; 18 Avenue D; 30 Avenue D; 40 Avenue D; 50 Avenue D; 60 Avenue D; 470 East Houston Street; 472 East Houston Street; 474 East Houston Street; 476 East Houston Street; 480 East Houston Street; 484 East Houston Street; 500 East Houston Street; 450 LillianWald Drive; 109 Broome Street

Block : 356 / Lot : 001 / Building Date : 1950 / Original Owner : New York City Housing Authority / Original Use : Residential / Original Architect : F.L. Ackerman & L.A. Goldstone

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