East Village Building Blocks

446 Avenue D; 422 East Houston Street; PS 188 | Block : 356 | Lot #100

  • Building Date : 1901
  • Original Use : Institutional
  • Original Owner : New York City
  • Original Architect : Charles B.J. Snyder

Description & Building Alterations

Public School 188, or The Island School, is a five-story brick structure. It was the only building on this block not demolished to make way for the Lillian Wald Houses. It was designed by Charles B.J. Snyder and was built in 1901. Snyder had a remarkable career with the Board of Education spanning thirty-one years, in which he set a new standard for municipal architecture. He served as Superintendent of School Buildings from 1891-1923.

A 1902 New York Times article deemed this building “the largest public school in all the United States, and probably the world.” The building features terra cotta and limestone trimmings and follows an H-plan design, increasing the amount of light and ventilation in circulation. Snyder was the first architect to fireproof school buildings. He made sure that 5,000 children inside would be able to reach the street within three to four minutes. This building originally featured rooftop playgrounds, four rooms for manual training, large libraries, and a spacious gymnasium. Many of the windows are original

Block : 356 / Lot : 100 / Building Date : 1901 / Original Owner : New York City / Original Use : Institutional / Original Architect : Charles B.J. Snyder

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