East Village Building Blocks

60 East 2nd Street; 52-74 East 2nd Street; New York City Marble Cemetery | Block : 444 | Lot #49

  • Building Date : 1832
  • Original Use : Cemetery
  • Original Owner : Samuel Cowdery
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

The New York City Marble Cemetery of 1832 is the second non-sectarian burial ground in the city opened to the public (the first, the similarly-named New York Marble Cemetery located a block west, dates to 1830). It is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places and is a designated New York City Landmark (1969), on the basis of special historical and aesthetic interest and value as part of the development, heritage, and cultural character of the city.

The cemetery is bordered by buildings on three sides and by an iron fence along East 2nd Street. President James Monroe was buried here before being moved to his native Virginia. The 254 vaults were built of Tukahoe marble. To learn more about the cemetery, please see the links in the sidebar.

Block : 444 / Lot : 049 / Building Date : 1832 / Original Owner : Samuel Cowdery / Original Use : Cemetery / Original Architect : Unknown

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