East Village Building Blocks

42 Avenue C; 42 Loisaida Avenue; 42-50 Avenue C | Block : 373 | Lot #2

  • Building Date : 1958
  • Original Use : Commercial
  • Original Owner : 42-50 Avenue C Corporation
  • Original Architect : Weschler & Schimenti

Description & Building Alterations

In 1958 the building took its present form when the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors were demolished by its owner, Charles S. Gold, who converted it into a parking garage and storage facility. In 1969 the building was converted into a grocery store.

In 1864, the Jewish congregations in New York City discovered that Christian missionaries had opened a Hebrew school on the East Side that sought to convert Jewish children to Christianity. The United Congregations gathered on Sunday, April 3rd of that year to put together a resolution to shed light on and counteract this effort. As part of this resolution, they decided to establish the Hebrew Free School Association, and by 1868, four schools had been opened. According to the Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America project, two of these first Hebrew Free Schools were located at 38 Avenue C, a building previously at this location. The first school had an enrollment of 458 students who were taught General and Hebrew studies, and the second school, an afternoon Hebrew School, had an enrollment of 88 students. Though New York Times articles dating to 1865 indicate that a Hebrew Free School was opened at 36 Avenue C in 1865, at this time both 36 and 38 Avenue C were located at present-day 42-50 Avenue C.

Block : 373 / Lot : 002 / Building Date : 1958 / Original Owner : 42-50 Avenue C Corporation / Original Use : Commercial / Original Architect : Weschler & Schimenti



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