East Village Building Blocks

38 East 1st Street | Block : 443 | Lot #56

  • Building Date : 1886
  • Original Use : Institutional
  • Original Owner : City of New York Board of Education
  • Original Architect : David I. Stagg

Description & Building Alterations

Primary School No. 79 was constructed on this lot prior to 1886. After construction, the fourth story attic was raised so that the building would accommodate five stories. By 1944, the building was converted into manufacturing and storage space. By 1997, most of the building was converted to residential use, though the ground floor was occupied by a restaurant.

The former Public School 79 at 38 East 1st Street is called out in the East Village/Lower East Side Rezoning Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and described as “designed by David I. Stagg, the Superintendent of Public School Buildings. The four-story brick building with Italianate and Gothic elements is notable for its terra-cotta and stone ornamentation. It is also a rare example of High Victorian Gothic school design in Manhattan. It has been converted into apartments and has several modern roof additions.” The modern roof additions include a recently added glass pyramid set back from the roof line. The building was converted to co-op apartments in 1994.

Block : 443 / Lot : 056 / Building Date : 1886 / Original Owner : City of New York Board of Education / Original Use : Institutional / Original Architect : David I. Stagg

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