East Village Building Blocks

256 East 4th Street | Block : 386 | Lot #14

  • Building Date : 1925
  • Original Use : Religious Institution
  • Original Owner : Lemberger Congregation
  • Original Architect : James J. Millman

Description & Building Alterations

The building at 256 East 4th Street was originally a synagogue that was constructed in 1925 by architect James J. Millman for the Lemberger Congregation.

Prior to its construction a brick residential building stood on the property. The building is currently a church named Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel, and the façade has changed to reflect its current use. Tax photos from 1939-41 show the building as a synagogue: above the door there was a Star of David in a round window where there is now a brick cross. The windows on either side of the door each had 36 panes of glass and those on the second and third stories had more detailed tracery in the pointed arch portions. The door and window surrounds appear to have remained the same or similar to their original design.

Block : 386 / Lot : 014 / Building Date : 1925 / Original Owner : Lemberger Congregation / Original Use : Religious Institution / Original Architect : James J. Millman

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