East Village Building Blocks

159 Avenue C; 394 East 10th Street | Block : 392 | Lot #31

  • Building Date : c. 1867
  • Original Use : Residential/Commercial
  • Original Owner : Unknown (illegible)
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

As of the 1862 map, there were two small woodframe structures on this lot with stores beneath. The 1867 map and tax records show two masonry structures at this location by 1867.

All original details, seen in the 1940 tax photo, have been stripped.  Avenue C facade was 3-bays wide, but the central bay has been bricked in.  On the East 10th Street facade, 2 bays have been bricked in and the storefronts removed.  There is the slightest hint of the curved window lintel visible which has been shaved down, but would have graced all the windows originally.  The building is also missing its cornice.

Block : 392 / Lot : 031 / Building Date : c. 1867 / Original Owner : Unknown (illegible) / Original Use : Residential/Commercial / Original Architect : Unknown

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