East Village Building Blocks

647 East 9th Street | Block : 392 | Lot #39

  • Building Date : 1947, altered 1990
  • Original Use : Industrial
  • Original Owner : Harry Field
  • Original Architect : Ervin Palmer

Description & Building Alterations

In 1947, a one-story brick garage was built at this location (NB21-1947) by Ervin Palmer for Harry Field.  Prior to that, there was a 4-story building on the lot that was built in 1921 and owned by Louis Blau & Sons.  Blau & Sons owned a Cleaning and Dyeing business that was originally located around the block at 151 Avenue C built, and with their business doing well, they built a new building for at 647 East 9th Street.  That building was demolished in 1937.

Circa 1990, the garage was heavily altered, adding living spaces above the garage. The current iteration of the building at 647 East 9th Street is a 3-story building with a ground floor garage space and apartments above.  Interest is added to the facade with the geometric pattern of dark and light bricks and granite on the base.

Block : 392 / Lot : 039 / Building Date : 1947, altered 1990/ Original Owner : Harry Field / Original Use : Industrial / Original Architect : Ervin Palmer

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