East Village Building Blocks

116 Second Avenue; 48 East 7th Street | Block : 448 | Lot #7

  • Building Date : 1845-46, 1884-86 (alt)
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : Samuel Perry (1845-46), H. Ludemann (1884-86)
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

A fire broke out at the former building at this site on December 5, 2020, damaging the structure beyond repair. A previous fire had erupted here on February 10, 2020, damaging the interior of the building and injuring five people. After the second fire, the building was razed.

The former five-story tenement shared Lot 7 with the building at 48 ½ East 7th Street. A low brick extension connected these two structures; the extension had a sign that read “Via Della Pace.” Originally built to three-and-a-half stories in 1845-46, the tenement was raised to five stories in 1884-86.

The facade featured hooded brownstone window lintels, sills and banding, a projecting chimney on the north facade with decorative brownstone and brick details, metal stoops and historic wood doors. The historic molded cornice was visible above part of the storefronts. The roof cornice had been removed. The fluted cast-iron column was visible within the northwest storefront window.

Block : 448 / Lot : 007 / Building Date : 1845-46, 1884-86 (alt) / Original Owner : Samuel Perry (1845-46), H. Ludemann (1884-86) / Original Use : Residential  / Original Architect : Unknown

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