East Village Building Blocks

608 East 9th Street | Block : 391 | Lot #11

  • Building Date : 1897
  • Original Use : Residential/Commercial
  • Original Owner : Cecelia Hoft
  • Original Architect : Charles Rentz

Description & Building Alterations

This six-story dumbbell-style tenement building originally had housing for 22 families as well as stores located in the ground floor.  The building features a Renaissance Revival cornice with classical lintels.  The lintels on the 3rd and 4th floors have segmental pediments and all the lintels are connected by an offset light stone beltcourse.  The ground floor level does not retain many of its original details.

Block : 391 / Lot : 011 / Building Date : 1897 / Original Owner : Cecelia Hoft / Original Use : Residential/Commercial / Original Architect : Charles Rentz

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