East Village Building Blocks

602 East 9th Street ; 139 Avenue B | Block : 391 | Lot #7

  • Building Date : 1993
  • Original Use : Religious Institution
  • Original Owner : Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Original Architect : Robert Litchfield

Description & Building Alterations

The current building on this site was built in 1993 as a place of worship for Trinity Lutheran Parish.  The building replaced an 1846-47 Greek-revival church originally built as the Dry Dock Methodist Episcopal Church (cornerstone was laid August 24, 1846 as described in The Evening Post – see Additional Resources). It was later sold to was sold to the Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession in the City of New York, now the Trinity Lower East Side Parish. This 1840’s church was demolished in 1975.

The Greek Revival row house to the east was built 1845-46 and the original owner was James Donnelly.

Block : 391 / Lot : 007 / Building Date : 1993 / Original Owner :  Trinity Lutheran Church / Original Use : Religious Institution / Original Architect : Robert Litchfield

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