East Village Building Blocks

324 East 5th Street; 113 East 4th Street | Block : 446 | Lot #20

  • Building Date : 1893
  • Original Use : Public School
  • Original Owner : The City of New York
  • Original Architect : C. B. J. Snyder

Description & Building Alterations

This through-block lot consists of a five-story building which fronts East 4th Street and was erected in 1893 by the City as an addition to the Fifth Street public school, designed by architect C. B. J. Snyder, the New York City Superintendent of School Buildings from 1891 to 1923. The preexisting building was constructed in 1871 and fronted East 5th Street. This building was later demolished and a parking lot is currently in its place. Located on the south side of the lot, it went through major internal alterations in 1948 and 1950. The 1948 alteration involved creating living quarters for women and children. The building currently serves as the Manhattan School for Career Development. Before the construction of the school building, the site was formerly occupied by tenements.

The Dutch Colonial style, light-colored red brick building features a unique design by Snyder. It has a square plan and a pitched roof with Dutch gables. The windows are surrounded by terra-cotta trim and bands span the facade. The same material is utilized as coping on the gables. The main staircase is composed of white glazed brick with rounded corners, wrought-iron banisters, and a skylight. The fifth-floor classrooms also have skylights. The third floor holds a 120-seat auditorium and print and wood shops. The original doorjambs, doorframes, and window sashes were solid oak and the ceilings were pressed tin.

Block : 446 / Lot : 020 / Building Date : 1893 / Original Owner : The City of New York / Original Use : Public School / Original Architect : C. B. J. Snyder

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