East Village Building Blocks

313 East 10th Street | Block : 404 | Lot #49

  • Building Date : 1845-48; 1892 (alteration)
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : William H. Delavan
  • Original Architect : James C. Whitlock; Frank Baylies (1892)

Description & Building Alterations

The row house at No. 313 East 10th Street served as the headquarters for the St. Brigid’s Parish and Academy from the institution’s founding in 1856 to its closing in 1920. The five-story building was constructed in 1845-48 by architect/builder James C. Whitlock for owner William H. Delavan. It was built as one of a pair of row houses at Nos. 313 to 315 East 10th Street.

The Gothic Revival facade was designed by Frank Baylies in 1892 and features hooded galvanized-iron window lintels and projecting sills and a bracketed cornice with a parapet decorated with quatrefoils. In 1936, the stoop and entrance enframement were removed from the left bay and the primary entrance was moved to the basement.

St. Brigid’s, which catered mostly to the Irish immigrant population of the East Village, was run by the Sisters of Charity, a Catholic organization of women whose mission includes education, nursing and the care of the poor. At its peak, the school housed about 200 girls and a number of nuns. Sadly, an historic document about the Parish’s history from the Sisters of Charity archive states that eventually, “a change in the neighborhood caused a decline in the Academy and made it impossible to maintain the property without a loss to the Community.” The Academy closed in 1910 and the building was sold in 1920 to a man named Leopold Horowits. Interestingly, the closing of St. Brigid’s did not mean the end for 313 East 10th Street’s religious affiliations. Horowits re-sold the building to a ‘Jerusalem charitable organization’ called Jolel Shomre Hachomos, and the address is listed as the organization’s headquarters in a 1926 New York Times obituary for its President, Rev. Dr. Philip Klein. In 1947, the building was sold to the Slovak Social Welfare Club.

Block : 404 / Lot : 049 / Building Date : 1847; 1892 (alteration) / Original Owner : William H. Delavan / Original Use : Residential / Original Architect : James C. Whitlock; Frank Baylies (1892)

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