East Village Building Blocks

250 East 3rd Street | Block : 385 | Lot #30

  • Building Date : 1946
  • Original Use : Religious Institution
  • Original Owner : Congregation of Beth Hakneseth Congregation of Beth Hakneseth Anshei Mieletz
  • Original Architect : Robert Teichman

Description & Building Alterations

In 1946 a new building permit was filed for the construction of a Jewish synagogue on this site. The synagogue was owned by Congregation Beth Hakneseth Anshel Mieletz. The building is currently owned by a Christian church, Iglesia Pentecostal. The conversion of the synagogue into a church occurred prior to the time the 1980’s tax photo was taken, but there is no record of its exact year.

The building is clad in brick with a pointed arch window above the entrance.

Block : 385 / Lot : 030 / Building Date : 1946 / Original Owner : Congregation of Beth Hakneseth Anshei Mieletz / Original Use : Religious Institution / Original Architect : Robert Teichman

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