East Village Building Blocks

156 First Avenue | Block : 437 | Lot #5

  • Building Date : 1898
  • Original Use : Residential/Commercial
  • Original Owner : Tobias Krakouer
  • Original Architect : George Frederick Pelham

Description & Building Alterations

Originally built in 1898, this six-story brick dumbbell tenement building on 156 First Avenue was built in the same project as 158 and 160 First Avenue. It served and continues to serve as space for a store and apartments.

The three buildings share identical facade. No. 156 features bracketed cornice with decorative frieze, round-arched window openings with brick lintels and key stones at third and sixth stories, slightly projecting brick piers through fifth and sixth stories, ornamented panels, elaborate bracketed window lintels with molding or triangular pediments at second and fourth stories, beltcourses. There is a molded cornice above the storefront, and metal pilasters with attached columns flanking the main entry.

Block : 437 / Lot : 005 / Building Date : 1898 / Original Owner : Tobias Krakouer / Original Use : Residential/Commercial / Original Architect : George Frederick Pelham

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