East Village Building Blocks

140-142 Second Avenue | Block : 450 | Lot #6

  • Building Date : c. 1830's/1909 (alt.)
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : Unknown
  • Original Architect : Unknown (1830)/F.W. Fischer (1909)

Description & Building Alterations

Originally this five-story building was two Federal houses constructed circa the 1830’s. The German Branch Y.M.C.A., organized in 1881, occupied the building while it was still two Federal Houses. In 1889, a single story addition was added on the rear designed by Julius Boeckell & Sons. In 1909, the building was altered again to five stories (see link at left for the 1940s tax photo). Following that alteration, the building housed the Stuyvesant Casino, which over the course of its 40 plus years in the East Village served a variety of functions including as one of New York’s premier venues for jazz, especially New Orleans-style jazz and Dixieland (see “Jewish Gangsters, Jazz Legends, and Joy Division:  The Evolution of the Ukrainian National Home” and “The Swedish Bunk Johnson Society” under additional resources). The building was bought in the 1950’s by a group of Ukrainian businessmen and professionals for the purpose of establishing a community center and catering hall. In the early days, the ballroom was used for wedding receptions, dances, and other Ukrainian community social events, as well as concerts including one of the first American performances by post-punk band  New Order (see “Jewish Gangsters, Jazz Legends, and Joy Division:  The Evolution of the Ukrainian National Home” under additional resources), as well as many other punk and other performers over the years. The office space in the building was also used by many Ukrainian organizations. Following a fire in 1984, the facade was re-designed by August Sumyk.

Block : 450 / Lot : 006 / Building Date : c. 1830’s/1909 (alt.) / Original Owner : Unknown / Original Use : Residential / Original Architect : Unknown (1830)/F.W. Fischer (1909)

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