East Village Building Blocks

108 Second Avenue | Block : 448 | Lot #3

  • Building Date : 1908, 1916 (alt)
  • Original Use : Commercial/Institutional
  • Original Owner : Hebrew Free Loan Association
  • Original Architect : Max Muller (1908), Raphael Prager (1916)

Description & Building Alterations

This four-story with mezzanine building was originally erected in 1908 by and for the Hebrew Free Loan Association (HFLA).

The present limestone facade probably dates from the 1916 alteration when a new front wall was installed. It features a granite water table, double-height Doric pilasters at base, a narrow limestone cornice with frieze above the second story, bracketed and pedimented window lintels at the third and fourth stories, and a denticulated roof cornice.

The historic frieze reading “Hebrew Free Loan Association” is now covered by signage reading “Self Reliance F.C.U.”

The Hebrew Free Loan Association, or the Hebrew Free Loan Society, was founded in 1892 to grant small interest-free loans to immigrants and people of various faiths. Other organizations have also occupied space in this building through time, including the Progress Republican Club and the Wigwam Democratic Club. In 1972 the HFLA sold the property to the Self Reliance Federal Credit Union, who is still the current owner.

Block : 448 / Lot : 003 / Building Date : 1908, 1916 (alt) / Original Owner : Hebrew Free Loan Association  / Original Use : Institutional / Original Architect : Max Muller (1908), Raphael Prager (1916)

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